A Brief History of Glen Isle Resort in Bailey, Colorado

On July 21, 2017 Glen Isle Resort (check out our new Facebook page) was sold by the Gordon and Barbara Tripp children and bought by Greg and Mary Ruth Vincent. Greg and Mary Ruth found the newspaper clipping “The Last Resort” detailing the history of Glen Isle.  Below is the abridged version of the original newspaper article.

Original Publish Date: May 10, 1979 High Timber Times
The Last Resort (abridged)
By:  Betty Moynihan

When the Colorado and Southern Railroad wound its way through mountain forests and table lands early in the 1900’s, many summer resorts and vacation hotels sprang up along its route.  When the railroad pulled up stakes in 1937, most of these resorts folded.  Glen Isle is one of the exceptions.  It has been a vacation retreat since 1901 and is still catering to guests.

In 1899, 10 men, donating $5,900 apiece, formed Glen Isle Land Co. with W.E. Alexander as president.  They set about building the main hotel and several guest cabins on a grant of land that measured 160 acres.  The North Fork of the South Platte River ran through the property, as did the rails of the Colorado and Southern.

At that time the resort was hidden from the road where coaches and wagons traveled toward South Park and Leadville.  Visitors arrived by train and walked the short distance from the depot to the main lodge.

The resort was built on an old Indian camping ground.  Even in the last two summers, Indian artifacts turned up on the property.
Glen Isle is run even today as a place where families can gather to escape the smog and the scurry of big city life.  Some people started coming in 1910 and the fourth generation of these families still return as guests.

There are miles of hiking trails, good fishing waters, horseback riding and easy access to nearby ghost towns, cattle ranches, and golf courses.  In winter, Glen Isle is an ideal starting point for cross-country skiing. Mostly it is a peaceful back-to nature retreat where harried workers can take time to relax and “get away from it all”.

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