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Growing up at Glen Isle

Anyone who has set foot on Glen Isle’s property can feel the lodge’s rich history. The fresh mountain air, flowing river, and wildlife flourishing in the pine forest have attracted visitors since 1901. The rustic cabins have offered cool breezes for guests escaping the heat of the city for generations. While the world around us has changed, the lodge continues to host friends and family for campfires, yard games, and fellowship. 

The magic of Glen Isle is not by accident, it is because of the legacy of families who have owned and operated the lodge. It started with a group of investors, then was purchased by the Baldwins who handed it down to their granddaughter Barbara Tripp until it was purchased by the Vincents. There have been updates and renovations, but each owner has respected the character that makes this mountain retreat special.

Perhaps no one knows the history of Glen Isle better than Heather East. The youngest of five Tripp children and great-granddaughter to the Baldwins, Glen Isle has been in her family since 1923. 

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