What makes a place special? Is it breathtaking scenery or exceptional customer service? Is it outdoor adventure or Instagram-worthy decor? At the Glen Isle Resort we believe all of those things are important, but what really makes a place special are the people and the memories those people make. 

Some locations are so special they seem to be designed for making memories and they hold the experiences of people like a secret or a promise. The original investors who constructed the lodge in 1901 couldn’t have known what the resort would mean to visitors over the next 100+ years, but the specific location they chose clearly stood out. Visitors come to Bailey, Colorado to enjoy the cool mountain air, fish at the river, and hike through the forest. Simple experiences like watching the hummingbirds, sitting around a campfire, or reading a book in a cabin make for a wonderful visit. But some lucky guests get to include milestones and big life events in their list of memories at Glen Isle as well.

Russ Erganbright shared his story of celebrating 50 years of marriage with his wife Kathy this summer. They were able to return to the Glen Isle where they honeymooned as a young couple in 1973. Reading about their opportunity to revisit the place that holds such happy memories serves as a reminder that life is full of fantastic moments meant to be shared. 

While the Erganbright’s were celebrating this summer another couple was celebrating 40 years of marriage. Jill and Dave Johnson are from central Iowa and after their wedding, the newlyweds were looking for a quiet getaway immersed in nature for their honeymoon. Working at Better Homes & Gardens at the time, Jill had plenty of contacts to provide recommendations and when they learned about the Glen Isle they knew it was just the place they were seeking. 

The young couple was able to escape to a rustic cabin in the Colorado mountains where they found that “the rushing waters of the Platte River were a buffer, separating us from the cares of the world.” Jill continued by sharing that “returning to Glen Isle in our 40th year of marriage was much the same experience, as the peaceful pines, rushing river, and idyllic memories welcomed us back.” 

One of the amazing things about the Glen Isle Resort is that it has stood the test of time. While some upgrades are necessary, the rich history of the resort is still reflected in many of the original structures. According to Jill,  “Our sweet cabin, Isle of View, had undergone only a few changes over the years. Since we’ve taken up hiking recently, we eagerly explored the little mountain behind our cabin, which now boasts an amazing disc golf opportunity. Another feature we hadn’t experienced the first trip was the enjoyable campfire/songfest led by a guest guitar player.”

Jill enjoying her honeymoon in 1984.

“We are so grateful for both experiences at Glen Isle and for the proprietors – then and now – who are carrying on a rich tradition, an unmatched experience, and a true treasure.”

Since the Ergenbrights and Johnsons honeymooned at the Glen Isle Resort many couples have celebrated their love here. The tall pine trees and majestic mountains have been the perfect backdrop for brides to walk down the aisle, and the cabins offer a romantic getaway for newlyweds. The Lodge and the Kiva are great locations for hosting events such as weddings and family reunions. Guests can enjoy intimate gatherings with rustic character as well as all the beauty of the outdoors.

There is no way to know how many people have experienced love or loss in these mountains. Some memories are meant to remain between the holder and the breeze that flows over the river. But there is no doubt that each experience has added to the character of the lodge and shaped the resort into the special place it is today. We are so pleased that guests have chosen the Glen Isle to celebrate their milestones and that they continue to make memories here.

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