Last spring, when my husband suggested we become part of the Hipcamp community, I admit I was skeptical. Glen Isle had always been an exclusive resort for lodging vacationers.  However, this past May, when our campers started to arrive, I learned quickly how right he was and how wonderful the camping community really is!

What a wonderful summer of meeting new friends from all various life journeys.  We love being hosts for Hipcamp, and the community it brings into our life.  We look forward to expanding our camping options, offering evening activities, campfire stories, and so much more!

We would be honored if you would take a moment to vote for Glen Isle for the best Hipcamp spot in Colorado.  You can vote once a day from now, until December 30th.  And thank you for supporting the return of Glen Isle!

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All photos provided by Caitlin F. and Hipcamp

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